My name is Mandy, I'm 55.5 years old, I don't really feel much different than last year,
but I suppose that's normal. I got a full Hip Replacement about 6 weeks ago, now
my hip doesn't hurt. But my left knee still needs to be replaced so I can really walk again
without pain. That's coming up soon.... :)

I am re-doing my website, was time for an update. So, bare with me while I update
all the pages, delete some and add others.

So, I am originally from Michigan, but born in California. Which explains why I want to
move to Arizona when we retire! LOL! I've been in NJ now for almost 30 years.... and I
can't wait to get as far from WINTER as possible!

I'm married to my Hubby, Saint Dan. He's the person who is a New Jersey person, which
is why we are here. Otherwise, we'd be some where else!

So, we have 2 kids, old kids now,.....a son who is 33 and a daughter who is 29. We also
have a Son in law, and a grand daughter who's 5 and wee little Grand son who is only
about 6 months old! We have Grand Children! We are getting old!

We are a big family, all living together in one big house. Well, not all of us any more, my
Son bailed and moved to Michigan where my Brother and my Parents and Sister live. He
seems happy there,....but we miss him here.

So, on this site I will post pictures, thoughts, ideas and my family and my Zoo. I hope
you enjoy it, and if you don't, I don't want to hear about it! Keep it to your self!
Mandy's Life
My Birds
My Chihuahuas
My sweet Abigail has
crossed the Rainbow
Bridge. She is now
with her sister
Sunshine, her mama
Jazzie and all our
other wonderful pets
who have passed.....I
miss you so so much
my Lumpy Dog!
She is my best friend. She's sat with
me through the births of many
puppies, worried and concerned
about each one,....she has let me cry
on her and be my soul mate. She's
loved and cared for every puppy that
has come into this house, by a litter
or from a breeder. She has laid by the
puppy pens until they were gone, and
then missed them. She is the
Proverbial "Mother Goddess".  
When I am sick and think I'm dying,
Gail has never left my side,
can't get a better friend than that!
Galen with his new
Sister/Wife Khaleesi!
Leesi for short.
Stretchy Leesi, about
10 weeks old. She's
Leesi's gorgeous
coloring with her blue